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Single Origin, Burundi Subscription
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Origins/Flavor Notes - Our coffee evaluation of a cup of Burundi is all about character and culture. Most varieties of coffee in Burundi are Bourbon or Bourbon derivatives and offer a bright fruity, berry or citrus that lingers through the end of the cup. Grown at an altitude above 1700 meters allows for a more distinct acidity to compliment the sweetness of the berry taste. Roasting this bean is more art than skill and our roaster makes this a light roast which allows for a dynamic and enlightening cup.

Region: Kayanza (Northern Burundi)
Producer: Various small holder farmers near Ngozi
Varietal: Bourbon
Processed: Wet Processing/Fully Washed
Elevation: 1500 meters or above

Processing Type - Wet Processing/Fully Washed by members of the Burundi IWCA (International Women’s Coffee Association)