I know what you're thinking: Does coffee really have more benefits to it than just the taste? The answer is yes! The list of benefits that coffee has is actually quite long, so I'm hear to let you know of 4 reasons why you're body actually enjoys when you drink coffee.


Coffee is One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

Did you know coffee has hundreds of beneficial antioxidants in it? In fact, it's one of the best ways to get your antioxidants for the day. Antioxidants have many benefits, including protecting the cells in your body and making sure that you don't have any free radicals. Unhealthy free radicals can increase chances of chronic diseases, so having a healthy amount of antioxidants can help fight against this.


The Caffeine

While caffeine is often frowned upon, it can actually have many benefits when consumed in moderate amounts. Caffeine can be great at temporarily improving your cognitive abilities. The effects don't last forever, but when they do, you open up your brain to a more productive and creative way of thinking.

Caffeine also increases your resting brain entropy. Brain entropy is vital to brain functions and processing abilities, so expect an increase in your critical thinking skills and processing abilities after drinking a cup of coffee.

A word of caution before we move on: Caffeine benefits the most when consumed in moderate amounts. Overconsumption of caffeine can lead to negative consequences, so it's best to limit your coffee consumption to a maximum 4-5 cups a day.


Brightens Your Overall Mood

Multiple recent studies have shown that coffee can increase the serotonin that your body produces. This leads to making you more excited, alert, and overall happy. In addition to serotonin, coffee can release more dopamine, which produces that "happy feeling" people get after drinking a cup of coffee. The next time you feel down or sad, a cup of coffee might be the way to cheer yourself up!


Reduces Cravings

Did you know that drinking coffee can actually reduce your cravings for a short period of time after? Caffeine, when consumed, can raise the body's metabolism rate, thereby diminishing hunger for a brief period of time. The caffeine in coffee can make your body go through thermogenesis, which is the body's production of heat and energy from the digestive system. In other words, coffee promotes a higher metabolic response from your body, so you can burn more calories.



Drinking coffee in moderate amounts can have some great benefits for you and your health. The high amounts of antioxidants and the effects it has to wake you up are definitely great to have every morning.

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Written by Carson Crockett

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