**Where do you get your coffee?**
Our buying team travels globally to source new coffee beans. We focus on fostering relationships with both new and existing farmers who share our commitment to sustainability. We adhere to Fair Trade practices and are continually looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint.

**When will I receive my first delivery?**
Your first delivery will ship within 5 business days or sooner. Subsequent deliveries will be scheduled based on the frequency you choose. You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number as soon as your coffee dispatches from our headquarters in Salt Lake City.

**Can I cancel my coffee plan?**
Yes, you can cancel your coffee plan at any time.

**Can I put my coffee plan on hold?**
Yes, you can adjust your delivery schedule at any time through your account settings.

**Do you ship internationally?**
Currently, we only ship within the United States. We will inform you if there are any changes to our shipping policies.

**How fresh will my coffee be?**
Your Sumato Coffee will be exceptionally fresh. We typically ship your coffee within 24 to 48 hours of roasting. You're sure to enjoy the aroma of our freshly roasted small-batch coffee.

**Why do you prefer whole coffee beans?**
Whole beans maintain their freshness and flavor longer, providing a superior taste when ground just before brewing. However, we also offer ground coffee for those who prioritize convenience.

**Can I change my plan after I sign up?**
Absolutely. You can modify your plan settings at any time via your account.

**What if I am getting too much or too little coffee?**
We recognize the importance of getting the perfect amount of fresh-roasted coffee. You have the flexibility to adjust the quantity, frequency, and type of coffee you receive.

**Why the name Sumato?**
We founded Sumato on the principle of being smart about your daily coffee—knowing its origin and freshness. The name was inspired by the Japanese word 'Sumāto', which means smart, stylish, or slim. This concept resonated with us, and thus, Sumato Coffee Co. was born.

**Have more questions?**
Please email us at help@sumatocoffee.com, and we will respond promptly to ensure all your answers are addressed.