Reimagining Coffee in the Workplace and Home

At Sumato Coffee Company we believe your coffee is at its peak freshness just shortly after it’s roasted. That is why we have created an online subscription service where you can stock your workplace or home with our freshly roasted whole bean coffee without overthinking the details.

How Subscription Works…

Select from a variety of Sumato coffees available for easy delivery. You control how much and how often you’d like it and you’ll always have fresh coffee on hand for everyone to enjoy.

Can’t Get Enough? 
Brew at Home Too

Is your coffee at work too good that it’s making your coffee at home lackluster? We also offer smaller bags of our freshly roasted coffee so you can brew it at home or wherever you are having amazing coffee. We’ve got you covered!

Who We Are

Sumato came about by a combined frustration of constant lackluster coffee in the workplace by several coworkers. Ben turned these frustrations into opportunity and created Sumato Coffee Co. Ben and his team of coffee slingers are now dedicated to transparency, quality, and ease to get workplaces stocked with the freshest coffee available.