The French press, also known as the coffee plunger is probably the most underestimated brewing method and surprisingly the most familiar method of the French press. It was invented and patented by an Italian named Attilio Calimani in 1929.

This method is easy, repeatable, and good for almost anyone looking to get a rich cup of coffee
  1. Grind 31 grams of coffee beans 
  2. Set French press beaker onto scale and tare 
  3. Pour 31 grams (4 Tbs) of ground coffee beans into the beaker
  4. Tare
  5. Fill heated water (198° to 205° F) to 453g 
  6. Stir the coffee with a wooden or plastic spoon 
  7. Place the plunger in the beaker and push the plunger as close to the coffee without touching the coffee
  8. Time for 4 minutes. Anything beyond 4 minutes will add negative flavors to the coffee
  9. After 1 minute, gently stir grounds at top of the press 
  10. Place plunger back to maintain heat 
  11. After the 4 minutes, quickly scoop off the top layer of grounds
  12. Plunge, pour into a mug, and enjoy

Written by Peter Valencia

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