The Hario V60 Pour Over combines chemistry, glass products, and coffee.

The company Hario, founded in Tokyo in 1921 started by producing practical physical and chemical glass products.

After several years of research, they produced Hario Glass and launched it into the coffee scene. The V60 was launched in 2005 and has become Hario’s best coffee invention yet.

The name uses your geometry skills ( Pythagorean theorem) and V60 comes from vector 60, the 60° angle of its cone.

It was designed for better heat retention, which leads to better extraction.

  1. Place filter into V60 and pre-wet filter. It sounds strange but this eliminates any paper taste in your cup of coffee. 
  2. Pour freshly ground coffee into the V60 and settle it so the coffee bed is even. 
  3. Place V60 onto the decanter on your mug. 
  4. Place entire on your scale and tare. 
  5. Saturate the grounds with water right off the boil - Use just enough water to cover the grounds - Let the coffee bloom for 15 seconds. This will let the coffee de-gas or “bloom” - if your coffee’s freshly ground - the coffee bed will raise up and bubble a bit. 
  6. Pour water in a slow, even spiral, adding water every 10-15 seconds for an even distraction. Pour over any dark spot and avoid light ones. Pour until you reach 360g on a scale OR pour until you have used all your 12.7 ounces if you do not have a scale. 
  7. Once you hit 3 minutes - you should have about 10 ounces of brewed coffee. Remove the brewer and pour the coffee into a mug - Enjoy
Written by Peter Valencia

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