When you drink your coffee, you may not think much about where your coffee comes from. For many, coffee is simply a preference of light or dark roasts, black or with creamer and sometimes hot or iced.

To the coffee purists, debates over light or dark roasts go down the same path as politics and religion — it gets complicated. To coffee purists, origin, roasts, and brewing methods are integral to the experience

First, did you know there is an industry called “Third-Wave Coffee” or “Speciality Coffee”? — This begs anyone to wonder what about the First wave (think your grandfather’s ground Folgers) or Second wave of coffee (think Peets and Starbucks)…

However coffee is a cultural experience, not just a beverage. In business, meetings get started or closed with coffee, families bond over coffee, friends and lovers meet over coffee, students study with coffee — people experience it in more ways than I can share on a blog post.

At Sumato Coffee — we give a damn about our coffee. This is basically Third Wave of Coffee — We care about how the beans get grown, processed and shipped to us before roasting. We care about the roast date, the packaging and how you brew it.

As Johnathon Gold from L.A. Weekly writes our coffee experience today came from generations of ground coffee, then coffee chains, and now a wave of coffee connoisseurship — single origin beans sourced directly from farms.

Now coffee growers, roasters and buyers all work together to package your beans and ship them out but NOT many of them tell you when the beans were roasted which may lead to stale coffee.

We do things differently.

Every single order comes with the roast date right on the package

When it comes to coffee, Sumato Coffee prides itself on being a part of the third wave, a movement to produce high quality coffee to everyone. We believe that coffee is best brewed within 14 days from the roasting date and we created a subscription model that enables you to enjoy the freshest coffee delivered straight to your door.

So Whether you choose our Single-Origin Guatemalan or our Cosmos Blend,you’re choosing to take pride in a coffee experience that builds connections locally and internationally.

Coffee is complex — we care about what’s in your cup.

Written by Peter Valencia

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