Single Origin Costa Rican


Our Costa Rican produces a vibrant acidity, lively highlights, and a well-rounded mouthfeel. Roasted on the light to the medium side and brings a clean but resonantly powerful taste with the right brewing method. The flavor lingers with a nice balance and rich body. A perfect palate pleaser with a spicy aroma.


Costa Rican Features:
Region: Palmichal and Santa Ana Mountains
Producer: Various small holder farms
Varietal: Costa Rica
Processed: Wet Processing/Fully Washed
Elevation: 1200 to 1600 meters

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Customer Reviews

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Eileen Gilbertson
Amazing aroma

I loved the Costa Rican. It was delivered quickly, and the resealable packaging will keep the coffee fresh after opening. The aroma makes you want to brew a pot as soon as you open the bag!

Ron Goodson

Single Origin, Costa Rican

Carson Crockett
Fabulous Blend

I love all of the flavor notes that are in this coffee. The smell is amazing and the taste is great!

Alyssa Robins
Best Costa Rica Coffee available stateside

I recently visited Costa Rica, and after tasting the coffee from the hillside farms I have been trying to find a good example of it back home. Found it! This coffee is as good if not better than coffee I drank 20 yards from where it was grown.

I brewed it strong with a pour over brewer. Delicious!

Stephanie Burns
A little spice is nice!

My family and I bought the Coffee Collection to try every bean. The Single Origin Costa Rican was such a delightful surprise! The hint of spice (is it cinnamon? chili pepper? we couldn't quite identify the source of the delicate heat) was noticeable when we tasted it black, but less so when we added a little cream. Either way was truly enjoyable. (I can tolerate 'spicy', but a few family members cannot, so when I say "delicate heat", I mean it - it was subtle enough that their sensitive palates enjoyed it just as much as I did.) The Costa Rican is worth a try. We rated it 4.5/5 (probably docking 0.5 only because it followed the Guatemalan in our taste test journey).