Perhaps nothing else is more attributed to the productivity and work than the almighty caffeine laden hot beverage that we know of as coffee.

As most of us start our day with a cup of it, sometimes maybe even end the day with one smooth cup. Society has greatly appreciate the role of coffee in making us successful and persistent throughout the day and now the scientific evidence is here to back that up.

According to a recent study at UCDavis, participants who had consumed caffeinated coffee rated their group colleagues and themselves higher in sociability than those with decaf or those who did not drink coffee. Additionally, those with coffee were much more engaged with their group work and were more willing to participate in activities with their group again.

The results for us coffee-drinkers? Perhaps not so surprising but it’s a great reminder that your favorite pick-me-up does more good than the credit you give it. So drink up and keeping fighting the good fight.

Written by Peter Valencia

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