With many different types and designs of coffee machines to choose from, it's useful to first know exactly how the machine works in the first place. Coffee machines are used all around the world, every day, yet many people don't even know how they work. Let's take a look to how exactly a drip coffee machine works, and what you should know about them.


Elements of a Drip Coffee Machine

Drip coffee machines consist of a water tank, a water heating system, a shower that sprays water over coffee, a dripper, and a warming plate. Other additions to coffee sets could include a coffee pot (usually glass, as it helps keep the temperature the same), and a coffee scoop



Quality of the Coffee

Just like how you can't get water out of a stone, you can't get coffee out of bad beans either. The two deciding factors on how your coffee will taste depends on the coffee beans and the water.

Obviously, the better the beans, the better the coffee. Coffee beans can have different flavors, boldness, and can change the entire flavor of a cup of coffee. That's why its important to get the perfect beans to brew your coffee with. For a great selection of beans to choose from, you can check out our coffee here!

For water, its hardness and mineral content that will change the final taste of the brewed coffee. Choosing filtered, soft water is a good decision, as it will not only make the coffee taste better, but also can prevent lime deposits inside of the coffee maker.



How Does the Drip Coffee Machine Work?

The process is actually quite simple, but let's first look at the preparation you have to do before making the coffee.

First, you have to fill up the water section of the coffee machine, because this is what your coffee will be made out of. Secondly, put your ground coffee into a coffee filter, and put the filter in the correct section of the coffee machine. It's recommended the you use 6 grams of coffee grounds for every 100 mL of water used. This is where water will drip over the grounds, and ultimately create a cup of coffee.

Now that we've looked at the preparation needed to create a cup of coffee, let's see how exactly the machine creates the coffee.

First Step: After poring water into the water section of the coffee machine, the machine will heat up the water to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Second Step: The machine will pour the water over your coffee blend, which will cause the water to go through the grounds, and finally dripping out of the filter as coffee.

Third Step: After the process is done, usually 4 to 8 minutes long, the machine will stop and your coffee will be ready for you in the coffee pot.

That's it! The process is very simple. At the end of the day, all the machine does is heat up the water and pours it over the coffee grounds. While you might think it's more complicated than that, it's actually quite simple!



Congratulations! You are now a coffee machine expert. The next time anyone has questions about how a drip coffee machine works, you can be the one to answer the question.

Remember that it's important to choose the right coffee beans when making a cup of coffee. If you're not sure which coffee beans to choose, we have a wonderful selection of coffee blends to choose from here.

Written by Carson Crockett

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