As our lives transition back into the workplace, we're rounding up our favorite French Presses that you can take to the office or into the (new-for-you) home office. 

    1. Ben's Recommendation: Bodum Chambord

      An OG — a classic. French designed with stainless steel. It's timeless elegance that can brew your finely coursed ground coffee in just four minutes. (Amazon, $36)

    2. Bodum Columbia

      This fully steel carafe pot has thermal capabilities, keeping drinks hotter. Available in two sizes — 17oz and 34oz — so you can decide if you want coffee for one or two (or sharing with the family.) (Amazon, $54/$71)

    3. Stanley Classic Travel Press

      A two-in-one solution. Created to help you brew your favorite coffee (*ahem*) and keep your cup warm while on-the-go. Coupled with a lifetime warranty, it's ready to take with you on your next adventure. (Amazon, $27)

    4. Bodum Brazil

      Simple, basic, made in Europe. It's probably the most popular French Press in the country and for good reason. At just under $20, its design says affordable without being tack. The brand name recognition makes it an easy pick among lesser known brands. (Amazon, $17)

    5. KONA with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter 

      For those who prefer function over form, the KONA features a large, durable grippable with an "insulated outer shell" to protect the glass from outside elements. (Amazon, $29
    Written by Peter Valencia

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