Within offices across the world, a diverse array of coffee drinkers emerges, each with their unique habits and preferences. Here's a look at the 4 of the most common types of coffee drinkers you're likely to encounter at the office.


1. The Classic

This coffee drinker doesn't like the fancy syrups and flavored creams, opting for a simple, straightforward black coffee. They appreciate the bean's origin, often engaging in discussions about the best brewing methods or the latest single-origin batch. To the Classic, coffee is an art that should not be changed with sugar or milk.


2. The Instant Gratification Seeker

Always in a hurry, this individual relies on the convenience of instant coffee. They're less about the taste and more about the caffeine kick it provides. Meetings, deadlines, and emails dictate their need for the quickest coffee solution, often stirring a spoonful of instant coffee into hot water.


3. The Social Sipper

For whom coffee breaks are less about the coffee and more about the break. They use these moments to catch up with colleagues, discuss non-work-related topics, or simply enjoy a brief respite from their screens. Their coffee choice might vary daily, influenced by the company they keep or the latest office gossip.


4. The Sustainability Advocate

This eco-conscious drinker brings their own reusable cup and prefers coffee sourced from ethical, sustainable farms. They're likely to support local coffee shops and encourage others to consider the environmental impact of their coffee consumption.



Each of these coffee drinkers adds a unique flavor to the office culture, much like the variety of coffee blends they prefer. Whether you're a Classic, an Instant Gratification Seeker, a Social Sipper, or a Sustainability Advocate, there's a place for you and your coffee mug at the office.

Written by Carson Crockett

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