Why Sumato:
Our Reason for Being

Frustrated by the lack of fresh coffee options in his workplace, Ben Martinez embarked on the mission to reimagine lackluster “office coffee”. Hyper concerned with transparency, freshness, and simplicity, Ben created the online coffee subscription service, Sumato Coffee Company.

Our coffee story goes like this, Sumato Founder and CEO, Ben Martinez spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder and moving around the country at some of the biggest companies in the world. Six different states and six companies later he was left with one constant in his life, his wife, kids, and his love for coffee. If you know Ben personally you know he is the guy who carries coffee books in his backpack and videos himself brewing coffee before the sun comes up. Ben shares his passion for coffee with everyone around him. Fast forward over the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making Sumato Coffee Co, Ben has dedicated his life to the cause, and consults with worker bees who sling Sumato coffee by night. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our Coffee Ethos

At Sumato Coffee Company, we are honored to serve our customers ethically sourced, freshly roasted, whole bean coffee. Our buying team travels the world sourcing new coffee beans and focuses on building relationships with new and existing farmers. Our coffee is free of defects and presents unique flavors connected to the origins they come from. We operate under Fair Trade practices and value the people in the coffee industry more than the profit we make.

We believe in respecting the integrity of the coffee bean and have made a conscious effort to never serve our customers pre-ground coffee. We stand by our promise of delivering you freshly roasted coffee. Because of this, we do not sell our Sumato Coffee in a pod or single serving coffee plastic cup. We are concerned about the physical and sensory aspects of coffee and personally evaluate and taste each cup before shipping the coffee to you. Coffee has to be unique and high quality from bean to cup.

By staying true to our core values, and focusing on making the freshest coffee in the the marketplace, we have satisfied our customers and have continued to grow our business.


What Our Coffee Means in Your Workplace

People are the foundation of why we started Sumato. We aim to satisfy your coffee needs by delivering our beans to where you do your life’s most meaningful work. Our goal is to reimagine coffee by creating an approachable service that is as simple as it is fresh.


The Importance and Science of Freshly Roasted Coffee

At Sumato, we believe coffee is best 2-14 days after it's been roasted, drinkable for 30 days after its roast date. Beyond that it starts becoming stale. We are incredibly concerned with the roast date on your bag of coffee as we want you to have the best coffee possible.

As the coffee beans come out of the roaster they are the freshest, but at this time they immediately start oxidizing. The longer it sits, the longer it oxidizes and begins to lose flavor. Two to four weeks later the beans will have lost most of their flavor and will be stale and old, which is exactly what happens to most coffee sitting at your local grocery store. Often pods or ground coffee are topped off with nitrogen to help prevent oxidation.