Instant Coffee Is On The Rise — but Why Is Gen Z Driving The Demand?
We’re in the era of convenience — streaming TV, on-demand groceries, music, car rides, and food delivery. Hell, we can even get weed and alcohol delivered to our doorstep.

But just as much as Gen Z & Millennials like to keep it simple, we appreciate the quality of the product. And instant coffee is about as bottom as the barrel as you can get. (Sorry, abuela’s Nescafe Cafe de Olla, you’re past the prime.)

According to market researcher Technavio, the instant coffee biz is expected to grow by over $9 billion in the next four years and is on pace to grow by over four percent by the end of 2021.

Analysts say that Generation Z and Millennials are the culprit. More brands like Starbucks, Nestle, and Unilever are building out products in the newly-competitive space.

Sure, while the pandemic, high cost of goods and transportation costs have led to coffee brands to embrace what’s easy and minimal effort  — how’s the quality of the product?

Sumato Coffee is confident it can do both. Beans should be roast-to-order, and should be consumed within 14 days.  

Brewing guides can help speed up the process faster than it takes to get to the drive through or boiling some water.

So as the meal prep generation works up breakfast, lunch, and dinner — they should work on their coffee too.
Written by Peter Valencia
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