Sumato Coffee Explains: How Long Do Coffee Beans Stay Fresh?

It’s one of the most common questions asked after cleaning out your pantry. 

Are these coffee grounds left tucked in the back still good? 

The answer is — well — complicated. 

A lot of store-bought beans have preservatives and air-tight packaging allowing coffee to stay usable for an expanded shelf-life, sometimes years-long… but you’ll quickly notice the difference.

Sumato believes that coffee is best brewed within 14 days from the roasting date. 


Expert opinion shows the roasted coffee beans begin to stale around the two-week mark. Much of the flavor deteriorates shortly afterwards, especially if you prefer darker roasts or blends.

When it comes to coffee, Sumato Coffee prides itself on a movement to produce high quality, made-to-order coffee to everyone. And we created a subscription model that enables you to enjoy the freshest coffee delivered straight to your door.

Written by Peter Valencia