Earlier this year, we created a blog post titled "The Different Types of Coffee Drinkers", where we looked at popular types of ways that people drink coffee. In today's blog post, we're going to look at 5 more ways that people enjoy drinking their coffee.


The Stressed Out College Student

Let’s face it; during exam seasons, coffee is something no student can go without. But this type of student will already drink coffee on a day-to-day basis, but when they need to be productive and learn a lot of things at once, they will drink a little too much coffee. They don't care what kind of coffee it is or how it tastes, because, well, caffeine is caffeine.

They either have an instant coffee maker in the dorm, so they waste no type in preparing their coffee. You also have the people who takes a break to go to Starbucks every hour while studying.


The I Prefer My Coffee Rich, Please

All of knowledgeable coffee drinkers will know that the most expensive and the best coffee in the world is the Kopi Luwak coffee. People who drink only this coffee are very wealthy and just a tiny bit arrogant. They drink this expensive coffee daily, and will never think for a second about drinking a different type of coffee.


The Triple Shot

These people don't mess around. They don't even consider a straight black cup of coffee to be coffee at all. They need at least three shots in each cup, and just one cup will never do. Every hour, they're back at the coffee machine brewing another very, very strong coffee.


The Perfect Preparation

These are the people that spend not minutes, but hours on designing the perfect milk art to pour on their cup of coffee. While they slowly sip their coffee, they stare you right in the eye and teach you coffee facts that you don't care in hearing. However, they take their coffee very seriously and know exactly what they want.


The Plant-Based Milk Drinkers

Amongst coffee drinkers, they are considered to be the ones who are finding new ways to destroy coffee. Of course, people who have dietary requirements should substitute their milk with a plant-based one, but you can tell when someone does it out of need rather than trying to be trendy.



Whichever type of coffee drinker you are, we can at least all agree that we share a passion for coffee, right? If you're one of these people, or any coffee drinker at all, we think that you would enjoy a cup of delicious Sumato Coffee. Feel free to check out all of our blends here.

Written by Peter Valencia

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