While the United States is overall a very caffeinated country, certain states do indeed rank higher than the rest when it comes down to the coffee-related statistics. Below, we take a look at the top 5 most caffeinated states in the United States.



First of all - is this even a surprise? I think we were all expecting California or New York to be ranked number 1. Looking at each city in California, San Francisco claims the most coffee shops per square mile, at an impressive 8.3 coffee shops.

California also has 3 of the 4 cities that rank the highest percentage of adult coffee drinkers, including Santa Ana, Anaheim, and San Francisco. Fremont and Irvine are also the top 2 cities in the country with the highest rate of coffee makers. And if all of that wasn't enough, California also spends more money on coffee than any other state in the United States.



For Hawaii, we'll be looking at different statistics, since it seems California takes most of the rankings.

Hawaii is the only state with an established coffee farming industry. In fact, it originated 200 years ago, and produced 5.12 million pounds of coffee in 20202. Another interesting coffee statistic is that Hawaii ranks number 1 on most Google searches about coffee. Whether this is because of it's history of coffee production, or where to find the nearest coffee shop, Hawaii is number 1.

While not an official state Puerto Rico also has a rich history in coffee production. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria wiped out the majority of the trees, which has led to revitalization efforts. Hopefully, with special care focused on revitalization, the industry can come back for the tiny island.



Of course, New York has to be on this list somewhere. It ranks highest in most coffee shops in one city. That city would be New York City, with 764 in the city. I'm not sure if someone would even be able to taste all of those coffees in their life, but either way, there's a wide variety to choose from. Another ranking that New York takes is the highest consumption of coffee. Is this really a surprise to anyone?



Washington is definitely a competitor when it comes to the most coffee shops. It ranks the highest in coffee shops per capita, with 54.1 per 100,000 people. There is 2.1 coffee shops per square mile. It sounds like you won't have a problem finding a coffee while in Washington.



Even though your state might not be on this list, there still probably no problem finding coffee wherever you are in the United States. In case there is, we have a solution for you. Sumato Coffee delivers to every state in the United States, so feel free to check out our coffee blends to get a delicious bag of coffee delivered right to your door.


Written by Peter Valencia

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